Gas Fireplace Maintenance in Snohomish, WA

Residents of Snohomish, WA, love their gas fireplaces. Not only do these devices provide heat when the weather is cool, but they are very charming. Plus, gas fireplaces are lower maintenance than their wood-burning cousins. And who doesn’t love getting cozy in front of a fireplace?

In the warmer months, you may not use your gas fireplace. But it can still collect debris, dirt, pet hair, or other grime. Proper gas fireplace maintenance will ensure your fireplace comes on to keep you toasty when you need it. Plus, it doesn’t take long!

We recommend getting a gas fireplace inspection annually to ensure it is in good, safe working order. At All Heating, we have a dedicated team of expert heating technicians to help the residents of Snohomish, WA, with that and any other gas fireplace services they need.

Our professionals are vetted and screened; they will quickly and efficiently meet your needs and guarantee your satisfaction. And we don’t charge hidden fees, so you won’t be surprised by the price!

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Good gas fireplace maintenance is essential. You’re wise to schedule it at the beginning of the cooler season.

Our gas fireplace professionals will perform maintenance on your fixture just as the manufacturer intended. Otherwise, the wrong maintenance procedures can not only nullify your warranty, but they can also be dangerous.

Here are the steps we’ll perform during your maintenance appointment.

Turn Off Pilot Light

Our trusted technician will first turn off the pilot light and allow the unit to cool. That way, we can safely perform the gas fireplace maintenance.

Check for Gas Leaks

Our technicians will check your gas fireplace for gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Both can be harmful if not deadly.

Inspect and Wipe Down Unit

When performing maintenance on your gas fireplace, we will inspect all parts of the unit, including the paint. Peeling or bubbling paint can mean the unit isn’t operating properly.

The inspection will also include the venting system to make sure it is free of debris, resulting in a safety problem.

If we find anything of concern during the inspection, we let you know what the problem is and suggest a course of action to fix it.

Clean Airflow and Louvers

Part of gas fireplace maintenance is wiping down the louvers to remove any dust and debris built up in the warm months while the unit was inactive. Our technician will inspect the air cavities to make sure they are clear of dust or obstruction. That is important for the effective and safe operation of your gas fireplace.

Clean Glass

When cleaning the glass on a gas fireplace, we use a cleaner specifically designed for gas fireplaces. A regular glass cleaner would leave a residue that could result in toxic fumes the next time you turned on your fireplace.

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Before the winter chill sets in Snohomish, WA, contact us for your gas fireplace maintenance. Our reliable technicians will ensure it is working safely and effectively. All you have to do is enjoy it.