AC Installation in Snohomish, WA

It’s gotten progressively harder to predict the temperature fluctuations during a Washington state summer. Rather than trust in cool, bearable temperatures all summer long, homeowners should look into the Cooling Services provided by the team at All Heating. From basic repairs and routine maintenance to installing an entirely new system, the company’s experts can quickly resolve any cooling challenge a homeowner is experiencing.

Providing Cooling Assistance to Those in Need

For over three decades, the knowledgeable staff at All Heating has been working to satisfy the cooling needs of residential customers in and around Snohomish, WA. Built on the promise of honesty and respect, the team of technicians treats all homeowners equally, regardless of the circumstances. Offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, no project quote is ever inflated, hidden charges do not come into play, and customers are always aware of the project status, regardless of whether it’s proceeding as planned or has hit a snag. Even with seasoned technicians on staff who are up to date on the latest technological innovations, no job is complete until the customer has signed off on the service.

Recognize the Need For a New AC System

When the heat of summer has set in and a home doesn’t feel like it’s ever cooling down to a comfortable temperature, homeowners need to call the experts at All Heating. In some instances, a little repair work is all that is needed to set things right, but if an AC unit is constantly running and the temperature won’t stay consistent, the unit has most likely aged out of efficiency. A new AC Installation will restore a comfortable climate, but this factor can be stressful for homeowners who are leary of the cost.

Finding an Efficient and Affordable Cooling Method

To alleviate some of the dread that comes with replacing an air handling system, All Heating offers estimates for all services to help inform customers about the installation process and how much it will cost. A representative will evaluate the size of the house, existing duct system, and residential cooling demands to create a quote. They will then work with the customer to make any possible changes that better fit their budget. If the price is still problematic, the company provides financing options to help spread the cost out over several affordable payments.

Installation Brings Very Little Inconvenience to the Homeowner

During the installation of a new AC unit, the technicians will carefully remove the existing unit and fabricate any parts needed to fit the new model into the duct system. Only the existing, dedicated power circuit will be shut off so that homeowners can continue normal activities without a loss of power. The team will also place all old components directly on their truck or outside on a tarp so that everything is out of the way and no grime or liquids leak onto the homeowner’s property.

Leaving the Work Site Spic and Span

As the installation winds down, homeowners won’t have to worry about being left with a mess to take care of. Some companies come in and do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning up. All Heating’s team hauls away the old system and any resulting waste at no additional cost. The technicians also take time to protect the area around the indoor and outdoor units so no harm comes to the homeowner’s personal property or landscaping. If something does get broken, the company will replace it or compensate the customer accordingly.

Ensuring That Everything New is Operating Efficiently

Part of All Heating’s new installation process involves service after the fact. If the customer thinks the air isn’t cooling adequately or the unit isn’t responding well, a technician will return to assess the situation. These AC services also include any immediate repairs that may be necessary due to overlooked issues resulting from the pandemic shutdown.

Maintenance Keeps the Cool Air Flowing

Whether an AC system is new or has been in operation for several years, seasonal maintenance services will identify any potential problems and lower the risk of malfunctions. In the spring, a service technician will schedule a visit to clean out any dirt and debris from the coils and inside the unit, lubricate all moving parts, check the Freon level, replace the air filter, test the response of the thermostat, and straighten bent coil fins. When performed yearly, these procedures increase the efficiency of the air handler and help extend its lifespan.

Emergency Service is Only a Phone Call Away

An unexpected air conditioning breakdown during a hot day can leave household members miserable and in a foul mood. Fortunately, All Heating provides around-the-clock emergency repair service to anyone in Snohomish, WA, nearly every day of the year. Whether it’s late at night, the weekend, or during a holiday, there is always a technician on call who will quickly respond to take care of needed repairs and restore cool air to a distressed customer.