Boiler Installation & Repair in Snohomish, WA

Property owners should set up routine maintenance services for their heating systems to ensure they are working properly. Boiler installation and repair services address common problems that prevent the units from working correctly and keeping the property warm throughout the winter.

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Check Water Pressure

The water pressure on a boiler is important. The water cannot circulate unless there is pressure in the system.

Check the Thermostats

The thermostats must read the room temperatures properly or it will cause the system to engage too frequently. If the boiler engages too frequently the home will become too hot and uncomfortable. A faulty thermostat must be replaced. Programmable thermostats are also available that automatically control the temperature.

Review Error or Service Codes on the Display

Boilers often have a display panel that will show specific errors or service codes that indicate the need for repair or service. An All Heating technician can review these codes to see the malfunctions over time.  The technician will present information to the property owner about the needed repairs and arrange scheduling them.

Testing the Components

The technicians will test the components when they are performing Heating Services to identify issues that could prevent the heating system from working properly. They will present an estimate for the needed repairs. They can also estimate a new efficient replacement if requested. We also offer financing if the property owner would prefer.

Where to Get Boiler Installation & Repair Services

All Heating provides property owners with superior HVAC services and we’ve been serving Snohomish, WA and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

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